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What to Wear



It is very important to bring the correct clothes as they provide colour and character to your photographs.

We ask that you please bring between 3-5 outfits for each child, and 2 for adults.

A selection of outfits is important as Charles will then be able to pick out the very best clothes to wear for each person and photograph you against at least two different background locations.

Make sure that you do not wear anything that is too busy, or covered in logos.

The best clothes are plain without stripes and logos, especially for your family shot. You may all wear different colours if you like, (soft pastels look great).

Please do not wear all white and dress Dad in black as he will stand out like a sore thumb!

Sometimes dressing up in what you would ‘like to wear’ and having a look together as a family in the mirror can help you decide what clothes to wear in your family shot. Please turn up to your session in these clothes as  your family photograph is usually the first photographed.

If you have decided to include your favourite pet/s in the shoot, please let the studio know and we will book your portrait session in at one of our “pet friendly” parks.

Please call the studio for more advice before your session on 9328 0048

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At Charles Foulsham photography we like to make sure that everyone is ready to take some great photographs so let us know when every one is ready to have a great time and get some great pictures with Charles that will last more than just a lifetime.


27 Years in the Pictures

Charles Foulsham has dedicated over 27 years to the world of photography. He is incredibly passionate about his work and has achieved both National and International recognition. Charles Foulsham is one of the highest awarded photographers in Australia with over 150 gold and silver awards to his name through the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographer). He has achieved his third masters through the institute.

May 2016 Event – Head On Exhibition – ‘Symmetry’ – 14 to 23 May 2016