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Vaucluse Nielsen Park Waves – June 6th

How many of you have had their family portrait taken by me at Nielsen park in Vaucluse? If you have you will find this blog by me and accompanying photographs and videos to be something of interest.
For me I have waited an entire lifetime to once again witness the destruction of the storm that was presented to me in 1974 as a 6 year old. Please read on and view the video and pictures I am sure that you will all be absolutely amazed by the power of the waves in Sydney Harbour and the destruction they can endure. Some of us were lucky enough to harness there power and surf it!
WOW that about all I can say! I have waited a lifetime to see waves at Nielsen park like 1974. When I was 6 I said to my father ‘Daddy when I am older I am going to surf that” and the other day it was close however the destruction to the promenade and beach was almost the same.
Waves were crashing up and over the promenade throwing sand and pools of water over the walkway into the park behind it. The biggest waves came through at night time with the king tides and storm surges that were phenomenal however I did manage to capture these images during the day which will show you the massive strength and destruction that can occur after a monster NE swell comes in to Sydney harbour. 


The two videos are of the morning surf after the massive storm showing the incredible power of the ferocious ocean,  a couple of kilometres or so inside the heads at Sydney Harbour, Nielsen Park.
Some of the photographs actually show ten foot waves breaking in the middle of the harbour in places that are normally sailed by ships (Sow and pigs is over a kilometre to the north of these pics).
As a child it was a distant memory, a dream, seeing those guys surfing huge waves at the park , standing next to my best friend Sophie…something I wished to aspire to and as the years rolled past something that I wanted to surf. As I grew older I surfed the park over and over again, as I got bigger and bigger I surfed the larger waves, storms like easter 1984 where it worked for 2 weeks at over 4 ft at Nielsen park and it averaged 30 degrees and clear blue waters…It was bliss to a school boy!
Anyway here it is, 1974 reincarnated (well almost). I am just so proud to be able to give my young boys the same memories to aspire to as I had in 74 when I was just six years old. In some of these pictures are my boys henry who is 4 and Jonty who is 20 months old. I just hope that they can share the same mystical love affair that I have had with Nielsen Park over the past 48+ years. I swim here, I surf here, I grew up here, and I have spent my life as a Professional Photographer photographing beautiful families here. I even proposed to my wife here. Neilsen Park we love you, now we just have to wait for the sands to return and the beautiful warmth of the summer to again slowly return!

27 Years in the Pictures

Charles Foulsham has dedicated over 27 years to the world of photography. He is incredibly passionate about his work and has achieved both National and International recognition. Charles Foulsham is one of the highest awarded photographers in Australia with over 150 gold and silver awards to his name through the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographer). He has achieved his third masters through the institute.

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